Rumors about Surrogacy Which You Should Never Follow

Everyone is aware of the fact that surrogacy is a situation when a woman bears a child of another person. It means that the person is not the baby’s biological father who will have a nice rapport after his/her birth. But there is nothing to worry about because this process is the best alternative which gives you a lot of benefits.

Nowadays the demand for surrogacy treatment is increasing and women are getting satisfactory results from it. The leading example of this thing is the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi which gets more than hundreds of patients. But today we can see that there are some rumors about this thing which have become people’s mindset.

They are pathetic and do not let you make a decision of your own choice. So mentioned below are some rumors about surrogacy that you should never follow.

  • It is not a legal process- The first rumor is that it is not a legal process that needs to be continued. It is totally false because in today’s world it has become legal and anyone can opt for it. You will see that even the doctors of a surrogacy center in Delhi also recommend their patients not to believe this statement.
  • Only for the rich persons and celebrities- If this statement would have been true then no one would have tried it out. As a result, the actual fact is that nowadays the majority of the common people go for this treatment. One of the topmost surrogacy treatments in Delhi is opted by most of the middle-class persons.
  • After surrogacy the baby’s custody will be given to the father- In most cases, the father of the baby is only given custody but it is not necessary. If a mother wants to keep the baby then she is always welcome there is no forcing or pressure from anyone. Therefore, ignore this statement and never hear it again and again.
  • It is too expensive- No one knows that from where did this rumor generates and how it became an official statement. Because the fact is that the treatment process is not at all expensive and has a lot of advantages. In the beginning, you would think that it is a true statement but later on you will feel like boycotting it.
  • You would never get any outcome- The truth is that after this treatment you are ready to get a very positive outcome. It will become beneficial and can give you a lot of advantages in the later period. There is no such person who says that this rumor has any value which will prove worthy. The reason behind this thing is that this rumor does not have any proper base.

Therefore, these are some of the rumors about surrogacy that you should never follow. Today if you follow it then tomorrow you can land up into huge trouble. These are those things which cannot be taken very seriously and you can believe them so easily.

Choose the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi for an amazing experience

Surrogacy can be defined as an assisted reproduction method. It involves the work of intended parents with the gestational surrogates. The gestational surrogates carry and also take care of the babies until they give birth to one. Surrogacy is used by intended parents for starting and growing a family when this is not possible to do so on their own. And for this, you can simply rely on the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi.

How does the process work?

The ones who are unable to start a family can become parents with the help of gestational surrogacy. This process involves legal and medical expertise and also a well-built support process throughout the process. IVF helps to create embryos in the laboratory of a fertility clinic. Many of the times the own genetic material of the intended parents is used in the process and an egg donor is also required sometimes. One or two embryos are introduced at the surrogacy center in Delhi into the one who will carry the baby. There is no genetic relationship between babies with the gestational carriers.

In the case of traditional surrogacy, the method is somewhat different. It involves the use of the egg of the surrogate. The carrier will carry the baby till term but the egg will be of the carriers. The infant born will technically be the biological child of the surrogate mother.


The best surrogacy clinic in Delhi offers different types of surrogacy as the word “surrogacy” defines different scenarios. Some of the types are:

  • Traditional surrogate

In this scenario, the surrogate donates her own egg and also carries the pregnancy for the couple or an individual. IUI or intrauterine insemination helps to achieve the pregnancy with the help of the sperm from the intended father. Sometimes the use of donor sperm is also involved.

  • Gestational carrier

This method involves carrying a pregnancy for a couple or an individual by not using the carrier’s egg. The egg may be from a donor or the intended mother. Just the same way, the sperm comes from the donor or the intended father. IVF or in-vitro fertilization helps to achieve pregnancy in this case.

According to the surrogacy center in Delhi, gestational carriers in Delhi and worldwide are more common than traditional surrogates. This is due to the fact that because of traditional surrogacy the carrier becomes the biological mother of the infant as she uses her own egg. Sometimes this becomes a problem as it creates an emotional and legal issue.

Dr. Nupur Garg & Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour will give proper information to you regarding which process will work best for you and your partner. This needs to be discussed properly before any step is taken. You need to be sure that there won’t be any problem with whatever process you choose. SCI IVF Centre has both the options available and will suggest the best one for you so that you and your family won’t face any issues later.

Features of the Best Surrogacy Centers

Nowadays, we can see that there are many people who are opting for this process of surrogacy. There is a reason behind this thing, and it is because when women cannot become pregnant with their partners. So, in this case, they decide to choose a surrogate and bear the child of another father. It gives them pleasure and makes them happy for the rest of their life.

You cannot imagine that today this thing is very popular and clinics are there all over the world. There is a low cost surrogacy clinic in Delhi that gets more than hundreds of patients on a daily basis. After visiting there, you can have the best treatment, and the results will also become smooth. But before this thing, you have to know about the features of the best surrogacy center.

If you know this thing, then there would not be any more doubts and queries. So mentioned below are some features of the best surrogacy centers which you have to know. Just go through them carefully, and you will get the right answers to all your questions very soon.

  • Provides you some positive outcomes- The first thing is that they provide you with some positive outcomes within a very short span of time. As soon as you get them, then you would never have any kind of complaints or disappointments. One of the best surrogacy clinics in Delhi has this feature, and you would get a better feeling of happiness.
  • Gives you a quality service- Believe it or not, but it is true that they give you a very better quality service. In other words, you can say that you would get the best benefits which can be helpful in the future. Today’s finest surrogacy specialist Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour also agrees with this point and recommends it to all her patients.
  • A most modernized form of treatment- Without any doubt; we can say that they would provide you with the most modernized form of treatment. The moment you get it, then there would not be any kind of trouble or disturbance. Make a note of this feature and mark it as a very important and essential one.
  • Success in the first attempt- Another thing is that you will get success in the first attempt without any negative results. People find it hard to believe it, but afterward, they have a strong realization about it. Just take this thing into your consideration and never ever forget it in the future.
  • Packages are not higher- Last but not least, is if you think that the cost of a surrogacy treatment is higher than just erase it off. In these centers, they will charge you less, and you can also get the most probable advantages. Rather than having any second thought, just try them out and see something which was beyond your expectations.

Therefore, these are the features of the best surrogacy centers which you have to know. Just read them carefully and see how you get a fair idea about this thing.

Common Symptoms of Infertility in Men

Nowadays we can see that the problem of infertility is increasing and men are also facing it. And due to this thing the pregnancy of a female partner becomes troublesome and things can also go wrong. So in this case, you can for an IVF treatment and get a quick solution to this particular problem.

Today this treatment is not only beneficial but can also give you various kinds of possibilities. With the help of these possibilities, everything would become smooth and reliable. Take the example of an IVF treatment in Noida and see how they give positive results.

But now when we speak about infertility in men, there are some common symptoms that take place. Due to them only the problem rises and becomes a very huge issue in the future. So mentioned below are some common symptoms of infertility, which will give you a very fair idea.

Just go through them, and you never have any further doubts or queries.

  • Major pains or swells in the testicles- The first symptom is that if there are any kind of pains or swells in the testicles. This way there can be a lot of troubles and it can result in a case of infertility. Take this thing into your consideration and never ever forget it in the future.
  • Any kind of changes in sexual desire- If there are any kinds of changes in your hormones, the sexual desire will also change automatically. So all you can do in this situation is to consult a doctor and get rid of this symptom. But if you take it lightly then, later on, it will become huge, and things can become troublesome.
  • Problems with ejaculation- If there are any problems with ejaculation, then you have to take precautions very soon. Once you fail to do it, then there can be a lot of disturbances. Make a note of this particular thing and mark it as a very important and crucial point.
  • Your testicles are small- If your testicles are small, then there is no doubt that this problem will occur very soon. So never overlook it and get this thing sorted by the most renowned physician. The two best IVF specialists Dr. Nupur Garg & Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour also recommend this particular thing to all their patients.
  • Serious troubles in maintaining an erection- You will notice that an erection has a direct connection with the levels of the hormone. The moment your hormones are reduced, then you cannot have any expectations of a fair result. Whoever ignores this thing faces a lot of difficulties and never gets any kind of positive outcomes.
  • Hair growth changes- If the hair has stopped growing, then it is guaranteed that the results can be negative. Rather than visiting a doctor you can take medicine and get relief. The best infertility doctors in Noida give this suggestion to everyone.

Therefore, these are the common symptoms of infertility in men which you have to know very soon.

Questions That You Can Ask To Your Gynecologist

Women always consult a gynecologist if they find that their reproductive systems are not functioning well. So, in this case, a gynecologist not only helps them but also tries to give them the best solution. In other words, you can also refer to it as a solution that gives you a nice relief. The moment you get this relief, then everything would become normal, and there cannot be any chances of disappointments.

There are top gynecologists in Delhi who gives you the above-mentioned things within a very short span of time. But do you know that there are a few questions which you can ask your gynecologist? It is something very necessary and will also make you free from most of your doubts. Now, if you do not know what those questions are, then here they are for you.

  1. How can sex be painful?

It is not always painful, but sometimes you will get a lot of pains. The main reason behind this thing is that there can be infections or problems in the hormone. So, in this case, you can go for a checkup and get rid of this thing very soon. This thing is also advised by one of the famous specialists Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, who is an expert.

  1. What are the main causes of pressure in the vagina?

If there is any kind of trouble in your pelvis, then there will be a huge pressure in the vagina. This way, nothing is possible, and it will also be difficult for you to become pregnant. All you can do is to consult a nearby doctor and get a short treatment done.

  1. Why are the periods causing difficulties?

It is because you had heavy bleeding which lasted for at least one week or more than that. This automatically causes a lot of difficulties during periods and makes everything complicated. Now it can only be solved if you undergo a test and have some necessary medicines recommended by your doctor.

  1. Is a breast test mandatory?

Yes, it is definitely mandatory, and without this thing, you are not qualified for the treatment. A top-rated fertility centre in Delhi can do this test and gives you some positive results. Once it is done, then you get confidence, and everything becomes as it was earlier. Make a note of this thing and mark it as a very crucial and important point.

  1. Why are there leakages in urine?

Whenever your bladder is damaged, and it causes trouble, then a urine leakage will take place. There are home treatments for this thing, and it is not necessary that you only have to consult a doctor. It will be cured very soon, and there would not be any further disturbances in the future. Never take this thing lightly because, later on, it can become too dangerous.

Therefore, these are the answers to those questions which will be given by your gynecologist. Read them carefully, and you would not have any further queries in the future.

Examinations Performed By the Urologists

Urologists are the best doctors who can easily cure the problems in your male reproductive system. It can be in places like ureters, urethra, kidneys, and many more like them. As soon as the problem is cured, you would not have any kind of trouble.

Nowadays, everyone prefers a urologist and wants a better solution within a required period of time. But now, before going for the actual treatment, they will perform some examinations on you. There is nothing to worry about because these examinations will tell you whether you are qualified or not.

In other words, here, you will get to know your possibilities of going for this treatment. It is necessary, and you cannot go beyond this thing in anyways. One of the best specialists Dr. Vishal Dutt Gour also recommends these examinations to most of his patients.

So if you want to know about them, then they are mentioned below. Just go through them carefully and make yourself clear about the whole matter.

  • A simple physical test- The first thing is that a simple physical test is conducted where you will be asked to answer a few questions. These questions are based on your medical history and the lifestyle which you are leading. Without any doubt, we can say that this is the right test, and this way, everything will move forward.
  • Examining the blood- In order to know the exact details of your urinary tract, the urologists also try out some blood tests. Once the blood is examined, then it can detect a few diseases which can be dangerous in the later period. Never overlook it in any manner because half of the things depend on it only.
  • Sample of urine- It is an alternative to the blood examination and is analyzed in a thorough manner. In the beginning, you may think that it is nothing, but later on, you will realize its value. The best urologist in Delhi NCR performs this examination in a smooth manner and makes sure that everything is alright.
  • Analysis of Semen- A detailed analysis of semen is done for all those who face the problems of infertility. Here the sperm is checked so that there are no further weaknesses in the future. Make a note of this particular examination and mark it as very important so that later on, you never forget it.
  • X-ray- Last but not least, is that there would be an X-ray and it would be sent to the required doctor. It will be studied and known thoroughly so that there are no further difficulties. And after going for it, you will get satisfaction at a different level. Take this thing into consideration and see how you get something that you have never expected or imagined before.

So these are some of the examinations which are performed by the urologists before going for treatment. Try them out, and it is guaranteed that you will get some positive results.

Surrogacy Centre in Noida- for a fulfilling experience

There is no other happiness in the world that can be compared with carrying a child for someone who cannot do that by themselves. Most of the one who carries a child for someone else looks at the experience with a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

You may contact the surrogacy center in Noida, where you will find the best surrogate mothers who are extremely compassionate and caring with a strong wish to help the ones who are actually in need. It is a life-changing experience for the ones to help the ones who are struggling with infertility. Satisfaction and happiness is the ultimate result for everyone.

A good option for same-sex couples and individuals

Surrogacy is an excellent opportunity to become parents when it comes to same-sex couples and individuals. Same-sex couples cannot naturally conceive a child, and most of the time, they depend upon surrogate mothers to help them.

LGBT communities depend a lot nowadays on surrogacy to start the journey to parenthood. It is a fantastic idea to create a new family. Surrogacy center in Noida has gained much popularity for surrogacy among the LGBT communities for bringing surrogacy into the limelight.

A single man will need a surrogate mother despite the fertility status to have a child just the same way; a single mother will need a surrogate when she cannot carry a baby or conceive.

Steps of surrogacy

The process of surrogacy involves six steps. Such as:

  • Know whether surrogacy is the appropriate choice for you or not
  • Prepare yourself for surrogacy
  • Find the appropriate match
  • Complete all the required legal requirements
  • Medical procedures begin along with the transfer of the embryo
  • Giving birth to a child

The surrogacy steps are not that easy as it looks like, but the outcome is what matters the most. Starting from preparing yourself for surrogacy to giving birth to a child is a life-changing and fulfilling experience for both the ones who are opting for the procedure and the surrogate mothers.

Different agencies will help you find the perfect match and guide you to complete all legal formalities. Surrogacy treatment cost in Noida is also much less than any other place.

Cost of the procedure

Surrogacy treatment costs in Noida are much reasonable than any other place for the service they provide and how efficiently they carry on. They do not charge you any hefty amount for the procedure. Everything that is being decided is recorded in the legal documents that both sides agreed on and remains crystal clear to them.

You may contact Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, who can help you explain all the surrogacy steps along with its pros and cons. You may also go through Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour reviews to know how efficiently she carried on these procedures and helped in bringing joy to so many families. SCI IVF hospital is the best place where you can find all the details of this procedure with proper guidance.

Examinations That Takes Place to Check Fertility

Today we all can see that the problems of infertility are increasing at a huge rate. With this problem, women cannot become pregnant, and they face a lot of troubles in the future. Therefore, to convert it into fertility, you have to follow a few things and make their right use. It can be a natural treatment at home or visit a doctor for curing this problem.

But if you want to check fertility, then you have to go through an examination. There is nothing to worry about because this is an examination where you will get the best results. If you still do not believe it, then take the example of a fertility center in Delhi and check its successful results. After checking them, it is guaranteed that there you would definitely find a positive result.

So here are the examinations that take place to check a woman’s fertility.

  • A brief history of your medical lifestyle- The examination will start with a brief history of your medical lifestyle and tell how to fit you are. This way, the results would come in front of you and tell the chances of your fertility. Just try it out and see how an impossible thing is turning into a possible one.
  • Thoroughly analyzing men’s semen- It would also analyze your partner’s semen in full details and give the results very soon. In the results, if it tells that the sperm count is lower, then it is a case of infertility. One of the topmost IVF specialist doctor in Delhi can give you a better relief to this problem. Without having any questions, just go for it and see something which you have never imagined earlier.
  • Testing of hormone- Woman’s blood and urine samples are also tested to see that the level of the hormone is alright. If it is not right then, you are about to face the problem of infertility. People often have a misconception about this thing and think that it is nothing. But after going for it, they understand its value in detail and then develop a better thought about it.
  • An ultrasound examination- If you think that in this process, there is a lot of pain, and then you are totally wrong. It is a painless process where sound waves are passed through the body to take an examination of its interior. A device is used, and this way, the examination becomes successful within a required time period. Even the best specialist, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, advises this thing to all her clients.
  • Examination of mucus- Last but not least, is to give an examination of your mucus. The examination tells a lot of things, and you can also have better expectations after it. Through this result, you would get satisfaction, and there cannot be any chances of disappointment.

So, examine your fertility today, and you would soon get a required result. But if you take it lightly, then nothing would come in your hands, and a lot of problems can arise.

Tips To Follow Before Choosing a Gynecologist

It is definite that today if women are pregnant or facing any sexual problems, they will always consult a gynecologist. A gynecologist not only helps a woman but also tells them the best solution to their problems. With these solutions, everyone will get quick relief, and most of the things would become possible.

Day by day, the demands of a gynecologist are increasing, and women are getting their best benefits. Earlier no one uses to prefer them, but nowadays, everyone opts for their treatments. You will not believe that there is the best gynecologist in Delhi NCR who gets more than hundreds of patients every day. But do you know one thing that before choosing them, you have to follow a few tips?

If you are really interested to know, then go through the tips mentioned below and get its right answer.

  1. Take a few references- The first thing is to take a few references about some of the city’s best gynecologists. You might think that it is not essential as the treatment only matters. But just think that you are visiting a person who cannot give you better treatment and wants to charge extra money from you. This way, your money would be wasted, and there would not be any solution. Therefore taking a reference is a must that everyone has to do.
  2. Make better research- Now, if you are not satisfied with the reference of the gynecologist, then try and make better research. In this research, you can see their specialties and know what they are really good at. Rather than having any second thoughts, just try it out and see the results which you will get. Another thing is that while researching, you will also get the best IVF clinic in Delhi, which provides you with the world’s best gynecologist.
  3. See the experience- Women often take the matter of experience casually and think that it is not necessary. Remember this thing that if your gynecologist does not have a better experience, then he/she cannot treat you very well. It may happen that things can get spoiled, and the problem would become worse. Believe it or not, even the topmost gynecologist specialist Dr Shivani Sachdev Gouralso recommends this thing to all her patients.
  4. Know about the hospital- Remember this thing that the hospital where your treatment is done has to have some better carers. Because in the stage of trauma, if there is no one to care for you then you would always feel lonely. Without having any hesitation, just take this thing into consideration and never forget to follow it.
  5. Go through the feedbacks of the patients- Last but not least, is to go through the feedbacks of the patients. Though it is not mandatory, you will get a fair idea about the doctor. Today you will see that majority of the women do this thing and then take some big decisions. Do it and see how you make a better decision about this thing.

Therefore, these are a few tips that you need to follow before choosing a gynecologist.

Things to Keep In Mind before Consulting an Urologist

Everyone knows that a urologist can easily detect any type of disease inside the urinary tract of males and females. They are the specialist of this thing and can easily tell you how fertile it is. People consult them and get probable benefits with some right results and solutions. In other words, you can also call them a person who gives a quick solution to improve fertility.

Day by day, their demands are increasing, and people are getting the best benefits after consulting them. The leading example of it is a top fertility clinic for men in Delhi which gives you some better treatments. Through these treatments, only you will get the right benefits, and there would not be any scope of disappointments.

But now you have to keep a few things in your mind before consulting a urologist. These are some necessary things which will help you in many ways, and you can also make the right decision. Even a top urology clinic recommends everyone to consider these things so that they do not get into any trouble. Here are a few things which you need to keep in your mind before consulting a urologist.

Read them carefully and get rid of all your doubts and queries.

  1. Refer to any of the medical experts- You can say that medical experts are not only doctors; they can be any of them. So try and refer to them and they will tell you what are the functions of a urologist. Another important thing is also there which you can know from them is the treatment process. The moment you know about these things, then half of your problems would be easily solved.
  2. Know some of their successful treatments- There are many successful treatments of a urologist which will give you a better idea. Just know about them, and it will help you to choose any of the options. The best urology doctor in Delhi has some successful treatments, and you can also refer to his success stories.
  3. Research about the clinic- Without any doubt, we can say that researching a urologist clinic can tell you a lot of things. It can be like the services and the results which you will get after visiting there. People take this thing casually and think that it is nothing. But the moment you take this thing into your consideration, then everything will be easier and smoother.
  4. Choose someone who can give you better advice- Remember that choosing any of the urologists is not a solution you have to see that whether they can give you some right advice or not. If he/she gives you the right advice, then without any doubt you are under the right person. Make a note of this point and try not to miss it by any chance.

Therefore, these are the things which you have to keep in mind before consulting any of the urologists. Just go through them and see how things are clear in front of you.