5 Ways in Which IVF Treatment in Delhi Benefit Infertile Couples

IVF Treatment

In the world of infertility, in vitro fertilization or IVF is the ultimate solution. For people who are unable to achieve traditional conception and pregnancy, IVF can be the most successful option to date. There is a rising demand for IVF treatment in Delhi, which shows that the success stories inspire many couples battling infertility to try.

Multiple benefits

You have to go around the myths to know that the concept of IVF is, by far, the best way to gift children to infertile parents. The following articles will reveal many benefits of the procedure to convince you in case you are doubtful.

IVF treatment in Delhi has a high success rate:

When you have been trying for more than a year to get pregnant, and you cant, you have to visit the infertility specialist. A set of tests will help in diagnosing the causes of infertility. It will also conclude whether the problem is temporary or permanent. The IVF station is the last among the entire range of fertility treatments.

  1. Doctors suggest IVF strongly at the beginning of your reports show high chances of failure of all the other fertility treatments.
  2. The problems that need you to opt for IVF include severe male infertility factors, blockage in the fallopian tubes, reduction in ovarian reserves, and maternal age above 38.

The procedure’s high success rate proves how it can work when all techniques fail.

Applicable to everyone

It is not mandatory for you to be the mother of the baby in order to undergo IVF treatment. A surrogate can opt for the procedure, and so can the gestational carriers. So a wide range of people can choose to be parents this way and participate in the inexplicably beautiful journey of pregnancy and labor. You can also be same-sex couples or a woman with a physical inability to carry the baby for the full term. Single mothers prefer the procedure too.

Use of donated sperm or ovum

If the sperm health of your partner is not good or the motility is too low, there will be a problem in conception, even if you are releasing the eggs on time. The best IVF clinic in Delhi NCR allows you to use the donated sperm or egg (in case you are unable to produce eggs on time). The team of doctors will manually fertilize the egg in the clinic and produce the viable embryo, and it will increase your chances of pregnancy.

Control over the timing

If you are a careerist person and you think that having a child will ruin your professional progress, you can now wait as long as you have not fulfilled your life goals. You can cryopreserve the eggs or the embryo for future use.

  1. Choose a window when you want to get pregnant or the best time for childbirth. Now count backward and determine the right time to undergo IVF.
  2. The IVF treatment in Delhi will also help you give birth to your second chiles with ample gap.

Give birth to a healthy baby

Applying the powerful technology of genetic screening, you can ensure that the baby is healthy once born. Preimplantation genetic testing or PGT is the only way to ensure that the fetus is free from any genetic markers. Otherwise, there can be life-threatening medical conditions like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Down syndrome, and Tay Sach’s disease. If either of the parents shows positive for the disease, it is better to have IVF treatment in Delhi. Hence, the safe procedure is the top recommendation from infertility clinics.

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