Factors that Influence Male Fertility

Factors that Influence Male Fertility

About 50% of the infertility cases are caused by the malefactors of infertility or inability of getting their partners pregnant even after 1 year of unprotected intercourse. Male fertility is measured by sperm quality, production, count, shape, size, motility, and morphology. Infertility in males is due to low sperm production, irregular sperm performance, blockages that stop the transfer of sperm. All these irregularities are initiated due to the following factors.


  1. Chronic Disease

Regular exposure to radiation to treat cancer can cause issues for sperm production or quality. Any illness such as typhoid, influenza, tuberculosis, or smallpox can cause fever or temperature. Due to over-temperature the testicles may function inappropriately and fail to produce sperms. Medicines used for curing long-term ailment may imbalance the sexual hormones and causes failure to trigger sperm production.


  1. Injury to Sexual organs

Any injury or trauma in the reproductive organ such as the scrotum, testis, and so on causes the failure of sperm production. Any damage in the testicles restricts sperm production and any blockage in the duct stops sperm transfer to the penis for ejaculation. For curing any infertility-causing concerns in males, contact Dr. Vishal Dutt Gour – the best urologist in Delhi.


  1. Lifestyle

Physical inactivate men or couch potatoes may face hormonal imbalance due to the lack of muscular work. Sedentary behavior may lead to cardiovascular problems. The supply of blood to the male sexual organs may decrease and increase erectile dysfunction.


  1. Obesity

Not having a healthy diet, staying inactive throughout the day, or having a certain medical condition may cause obesity. Researchers reveal that the chances of infertility rise by 10% for overweighting every 9 kg. As compared to normal weighted men, obesity may cause lower testosterone levels, poorer sperm quality, and reduced fertility.


  1. Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is a disparity between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. However, oxidation is also a part of human body reactions. But excessive free radicals, generated due to the inflammatory behavior of antibodies, can harm DNA, fatty tissue, and proteins in the sperm and affect male fertility.


  1. Psychological Stress

Mental stress impacts sexual hormones and may prolong the time taken in conceiving. A depressed person may not feel sexual desires. Low sexual drive and lack of ejaculation are the major causes of infertility. The more the semen volume, the more the chances of sperm count in it, and the more fertile the person is supposed.


  1. Dietary Factors

Your body is a reflection of your acts and food choices. Most of the other factors of infertility such as obesity, oxidative stress, and psychological stress are replicated due to dietary factors. Excessive alcohol, smoking, and drugs imbalance the natural body process and sexual drive. Chemicals in cigarettes such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and cyanide lessen the sperm count, motility, and ability to penetrate the egg. Sugar or soda drinks initiate obesity that is also a reason for infertility.


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