Rumors about Surrogacy Which You Should Never Follow

Everyone is aware of the fact that surrogacy is a situation when a woman bears a child of another person. It means that the person is not the baby’s biological father who will have a nice rapport after his/her birth. But there is nothing to worry about because this process is the best alternative which gives you a lot of benefits.

Nowadays the demand for surrogacy treatment is increasing and women are getting satisfactory results from it. The leading example of this thing is the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi which gets more than hundreds of patients. But today we can see that there are some rumors about this thing which have become people’s mindset.

They are pathetic and do not let you make a decision of your own choice. So mentioned below are some rumors about surrogacy that you should never follow.

  • It is not a legal process- The first rumor is that it is not a legal process that needs to be continued. It is totally false because in today’s world it has become legal and anyone can opt for it. You will see that even the doctors of a surrogacy center in Delhi also recommend their patients not to believe this statement.
  • Only for the rich persons and celebrities- If this statement would have been true then no one would have tried it out. As a result, the actual fact is that nowadays the majority of the common people go for this treatment. One of the topmost surrogacy treatments in Delhi is opted by most of the middle-class persons.
  • After surrogacy the baby’s custody will be given to the father- In most cases, the father of the baby is only given custody but it is not necessary. If a mother wants to keep the baby then she is always welcome there is no forcing or pressure from anyone. Therefore, ignore this statement and never hear it again and again.
  • It is too expensive- No one knows that from where did this rumor generates and how it became an official statement. Because the fact is that the treatment process is not at all expensive and has a lot of advantages. In the beginning, you would think that it is a true statement but later on you will feel like boycotting it.
  • You would never get any outcome- The truth is that after this treatment you are ready to get a very positive outcome. It will become beneficial and can give you a lot of advantages in the later period. There is no such person who says that this rumor has any value which will prove worthy. The reason behind this thing is that this rumor does not have any proper base.

Therefore, these are some of the rumors about surrogacy that you should never follow. Today if you follow it then tomorrow you can land up into huge trouble. These are those things which cannot be taken very seriously and you can believe them so easily.

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