Things You Should Not Do That Are Restricted By IVF Doctors in Delhi

IVF Doctors in Delhi

There are things that one should avoid during and after the procedure of IVF, a patient undergoes a lot of medical procedures during the process as IVF is not a single-step procedure. The couple needs to visit the Ivf clinic in Delhi a lot of times for various procedures, tests, and so on. Therefore, Ivf doctors in Delhi suggest few things that must be maintained throughout. These are the things that may not be right and eventually bring complications. Let us read about some of them:

Performing Intercourse

It is ideal to avoid intercourse for many couples for a couple of days after the procedure starts. Intercourse will make the uterus contract which can eventually damage the embryo that is implanted in the body very recently. There are also many other side effects of this procedure such as failure in implanting the embryo which may result in miscarriage.

Do not take a pregnancy test right away

Anyone who is opting for this procedure always has a high expectation. Therefore you will be pushed mentally to take a pregnancy test just after the embryo transfer takes place. There is always a thought in your mind that you might get pregnant. But it is always better to give time and not disappoint your own self. Ivf specialist doctors in Delhi always suggest it takes a few days. It is just a simple pregnancy test and requires two minutes time. But the process of getting pregnant takes time itself. It requires a few weeks for the placenta cells to produce some hormones that can confirm whether you are pregnant or not through the help of a blood test.

Do not underestimate problems

Always try to take good care of yourself after several days of embryo transfer. This is very much essential. When you are consuming fertility drugs during the procedure, you have a high chance to develop OHSS or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This is a condition where swelling of the ovary starts and at the same time, it starts to leak. Abnormal abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, nausea, and diarrhea are the results of OHSS. Therefore, whenever you are visiting the infertility clinic in Delhi always make sure you tell your doctor about all the small problems that you are facing.

You might think that feeling slightly uncomfortable is a phase and it too shall pass by. But do not make the mistake of ignoring the fact of even slight changes. Always consult the infertility doctors in Delhi even if the pain is mild and you gain weight suddenly. Call your doctor right away.

The bottom line

It is a very good idea to go through the IVF treatment in Delhi and know properly the do’s and don’t to make the cycle a success. It will also make you feel confident that whatever you are doing is right. You must take the prevention of all the possible wrongs because IVF is itself a vast step to take on.

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